Consider North Dakota SNA Membership

    For the school food service worker, manager, and/or director:

    SNA/North Dakota SNA becomes a passport to professional and personal growth and to food and meal service improvements. Membership offers a link to information on trends within the dynamic school food service industry. SNA membership is an allowable school food service expense.

    For child care workers:

    SNA/North Dakota SNA extends the benefits of professional and personal growth to these important allies.

    For the parent, teacher, principal, superintendent, and/or other educational leader:

    SNA/North Dakota SNA provides a forum for communication with school food service professionals as well as a venue for influencing legislation in favor of the nutritional and health needs of children.

    For the school nurse or other health care professional:

    SNA/North Dakota SNA strengthens the natural connection between these areas which are committed to maximizing the health of our nation’s children.

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